Border Collies Breeds Information & 10 Facts You Should Know

Border Collies Breeds are one of the most popular dogs in the world known for their high intelligence which has brought them fame all around.

Originating from a borderland between England and Scotland, the dog has gone to become one of the loved dog breeds and great family pet in recent times.

We have compiled all that you need to know about Border Collie Breeds in this informative piece, ensure you read through to the end. So here are the common search term for Border Collies;

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Border Collies Breeds Information & 10 Facts You Should Know

Before we go further, quickly glance through the profile of this popular dog breed below.

  • Full profile of Border Collie Dogs and Characteristics
  • Dog Breed Group: Herding Dogs
  • Height: 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder
  • Weight: 30 to 45 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years
  • Exercise Requirements: 1 hour daily
  • Energy Level: Very Energetic
  • Longevity Range: 10–18 yrs.
  • Tendency to Bark: High
  • Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
  • Coat Length: Medium
  • Overall Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Colors: Black with or without white, red and white, solid color, bi-color, tri-color, merle, sable

With the above features of Border Collie Breeds, I believe you now have a little knowledge to the characteristic of the dog. For more information on Border Collie Breeds, we have provided 10 Facts every Breeder should know below.

  1. Border Collies originates from Great Britain
  2. Border Collies are popular Dogs
  3. They are the Best Herding Dog Breed
  4. Border Collies are Intelligent Dog Breed
  5. Border Collies can Multitask
  6. Training Border Collie is Easy
  7. Exercise is a Must
  8. Border Collies are Great Family Dog
  9. Excellent crouching Technique
  10. Border Collie Needs Constant Grooming


Border Collie

To gather and control sheep in the rugged border territory between Scotland and England, the Border Collie dog breed was bred. In order to maintain control over their flock they use a piercing glare called as the “eye.” Sheep ranches around the world still use Border Collies to herd sheep.

Despite the fact that these dogs are purebred, you may find them in shelters or rescue organizations. Don’t forget to adopt. Bring a dog into your home and don’t go shopping.

There are a number of dog sports in which Border Collies thrive. These include agility and tracking events as well as competitions in obedience and flyball.

But only if they are given a lot of physical and mental exercise. Be prepared to deal with a dog who can outsmart you at times. For those looking for a loving, intelligent dog who will keep them on their toes, this is the breed for you!

See here for a complete list of Border Collie characteristics and facts!

#1. Border Collies Originates from Great Britain

The origin of Border Collies is traced back to England and Scotland where they were first bred in the 19th century. The dog was originally bred in the borderland connecting both countries from which its name was coined.

#2. Border Collies Are Popular Dogs

Border Collies are among the popular dog breeds in the world. They are famous for so many things chiefly is the Border Collie Intelligence and it is considered the smartest dog in the world.

Border Collie is famous for many things including breaking all sorts of world records and some have been included in the Guinness Book of World Records due to outstanding performances and several other performances that make them popular and famous among all kinds of dogs breeds.

#3. They Are The Best Herding Dog Breed

Border Collie Intelligence makes them excel as the best herding dog breed ever. Of course, they were originally bred to herd animals especially cattle and sheep.

A task they comfortably perform, thanks to their strength, physique, stamina, and intelligence.  Chiefly, they are known to use the “eye trick” which is an intense stare that intimidates livestock and also controls them.

Border Collie enjoys herding and can herd almost anything that moves including children, cars, bikes, cats, and other animals. That is why it is important not to let them roam.

#4. Border Collies Are Intelligent Dog Breed

Overall, Border Collie Intelligence is enviable compared to other dog breeds. They are well gifted and have an edge over other dog breeds in terms of smartness and genius.

Part of their breeding makeup is to be independent with the ability to solve tedious tasks.

Interestingly, they can apply their intelligence to specific tasks assigned to them.

#5. Border Collies Can Multitask

Border Collie Intelligence makes it possible for them to be versatile and have the ability to attend to different jobs.

Although, originally bred as herding dogs, presently, they are also given other tasks such as therapy dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, medical-alert dogs among several other tasks.

Their desire and eagerness to ensure they satisfy their owner is a motivation that let them give in their best and ensure they perform assigned task with all diligence and commitment.

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#6. Training Border Collie Is Easy

Border Collie is brainy and highly sensitive. In fact, Border Collie Intelligence is so high and sharp that it is responsive to the subtlest command and even has the ability to almost correctly predict the actions or desires of its owner in advance.

Also, because of their high intelligence level, Border Collie is a fast learner and easily pickup commands and training faster than another dog breed.

As such, it is important that you begin to train from the puppy stage so as to avoid it picking up and getting used to bad habits.

#7. Exercise Is A Must

Border Collies are active and energetic dogs that require daily exercise or you find them a job to keep them mentally stable.

That is why owners of Border Collie should endeavor to spend time with the dog either for exercise, game, or assign them a task. This is essential so that the dog will be able to channel its energy to positive activities.

You can make time to exercise your Collie for 1 to 2 hours daily and don’t live it only for a long time as it can become destructive if left alone.

#8. Border Collies Are Great Family Dog

Don’t be intimidated by the size of Border Collie breeds, they are friendly and affectionate dogs that are obedient and loyal to their owners and very protective of them too making them an excellent family pet. They can easily be aroused to play just by the sound of playing children.

#9. Excellent Crouching Technique

the crouching technique is one of the excellent specialties of this dog breed. Border Collie Intelligence is so sharp that they are able to use this cat-like movement perfectly.

They are able to use this technique to this technique to herd animals with extreme precision.

#10. Border Collie Needs Constant Grooming

Finally, Border Collie has a medium-sized coat that tends to shed. That is why you need to take time out for the dog’s maintenance so as to retain its beauty and glamour furs. Ensure you groom and bathe the dog weekly to avoid matt.

The dog’s coat is majorly to help protect it from extremely harsh weather, especially cold climate. However, it tends to shed during hot weather so, take caution.

More About This Breed

As a Border Collie approaches the sheep with a focused stare, he responds almost instinctively to the shepherd’s commands and guides the sheep precisely where the shepherd wants them to go, you know you’re watching a great craftsman at work. What a sight!

When working in the hills and valleys of the harsh Scottish borderland and running 50 kilometers or more per day, the Border Collie develops an almost superhuman level of endurance and stamina. The Border Collie is the ideal working dog.

Bringing a Border Collie into a family that does not understand him brings out the evil side of his energy and workaholic mentality. Not a couch potato dog, he’s a working dog.

He doesn’t want to be spoiled in any way. He wants — and needs — to find work. As a household pet, the Border Collie’s mental and physical stamina can be exhausting.

As a herder, the Border Collie has a strong need to herd. Those flocks might be made up of goats, chickens, cats, squirrels, or anything else that moves, even cars.

He cannot be schooled out of his instinct to nudge, pinch, and bark. It should be directed. The dog must be assigned a task, whether it’s herding sheep or participating in dog sports.

A daily brisk stroll or game of fetch isn’t enough for the Border Collie to keep him active.

Border Collies may be fantastic companions for the proper owner. He is easy to train because to his intellect and docile disposition.

People who know him well say he has an incredible ability to anticipate what you’re going to ask of him. His mental and physical needs can be met in nearly any living situation if he is socialized from an early age and properly taught.

An active dog owner, especially one who wants to get involved in dog sports, will enjoy owning a Border Collie.

A well-trained sheepdog breed may thrive in any sport, whether it’s a sheepdog trial or agility or flyball or flying disc or advanced obedience, freestyle obedience, or even tracking

As long as the owner or family is willing to properly socialize and teach the Border Collie, they will find their soul mate in this intelligent and sensitive breed!

Quick Facts About Border Collies

  • Intuitive and receptive, the Border Collie is able to anticipate his owner’s needs in advance.
  • The Border Collie is a workaholic who thrives on mental and physical stimulation, so he needs a way to channel his energy in a constructive direction. Aside from that, he’ll design his own games and become a nuisance.
  • Children, automobiles, cyclists, cats, and squirrels will all be herded by the Border Collie. If he’s let to roam about the neighborhood, he can become a major issue; a secure yard is vital.
  • It is possible that the Border Collie will nip, nudge, and bark when young children are playing loudly.
  • So that the Border Collie does not become shy, he needs to be socialized.
  • Border Collies don’t tend to wander, but their curiosity and intellect can lead them to become escape artists in their own right.

In order to ensure that your pet is healthy, you should never buy from an unreliable breeder, puppy mill, or pet shop. If you are looking for a breeder with a good reputation, make sure she screens her breeding dogs for genetic disorders that they could pass on to the puppies, as well as their temperaments.

History Of Border Collies

Hereditary Border Collies date back to when people began employing dogs to guard and herd sheep in what is now Britain. Sheepherding dogs were highly prized in the borderlands between Scotland and England, and the best working dogs were bred together.

There were many different types, depending on the terrain or the labour necessary in each region.

Welsh Sheepdogs, Northern Sheepdogs, Highland Collies, and Scotch Collies were some of the regional names for these herding canines. His Scottish origin is reflected in the Border Collie’s name, which is derived from the Scottish dialect collie.

Scotland’s first dog show was held in 1860, and Scotch Sheep Dogs were among the breeds that were displayed. After seeing one of the dogs at Balmoral, Queen Victoria fell enamored with the breed.

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Apparently, it was a man named R.J. Lloyd Price who started sheepdog trials. As part of his demonstration, he took 100 wild Welsh sheep to London’s Alexandra Palace in 1876, where they were shown.

It was noted in an article in the Livestock Journal that viewers were astonished at how well the dogs worked with only hand signals and whistles.

Today, the Border Collie is regarded as one of the best sheepherding dogs in the world. Many breeders believe that Border Collies should only be bred to working, not conformation, standards because of the breed’s excellent herding skills.

On October 1, 1995, the American Kennel Club recognized the Border Collie as a breed.

Size Of Border Collie Dogs

The male range in height from 19 to 22 inches, with a weight of 35 to 45 pounds. And the females range in height from 18 to 21 inches and weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.

The Personality Of Border Collie

Just to put it simply, Border Collies are super-efficient. Ses personality is characterized by vigilance, vigor, hard effort, and intelligence.

He is a quick learner, so much so that it can be difficult to keep him interested and challenged.

This breed enjoys an active lifestyle. For him not to become bored and engage in irritating behaviors like barking or digging or chasing cars, he has to be kept busy.

While you sip your lemonade on the front porch, he’s not the kind of dog who wants to do nothing. It’s important to keep in mind that he was bred to run and herd sheep all day.

Every hint his handler gives him, from a whistling whistle to a hand gesture to an eyebrow raised, is taken seriously by the Border Collie.

This breed is not ideal, of course. Herding instincts can lead him astray if he is not careful. As long as he doesn’t have any sheep or a job, he’ll gather and chase kids, cars, and dogs.

If he isn’t properly socialized as a puppy, he can potentially become scared or shy. Intuitive Border Collies benefit from puppy lessons and exposure to a wide variety of people, places, and things.


Common Health Challenges Of Border Collies

It is safe to say that Border Collies have a generally good outlook on life. Although not all Border Collies may contract one or more of these diseases, it’s vital to be aware of them if you’re contemplating this breed.

A good breeder will show you the health clearances of both of your dog’s parents if you’re buying a puppy. Veterinary health clearances are proof that a dog has been checked for and cleared of a certain disease or disorder.

For hip dysplasia (with a score of fair or better), elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand’s disease, you should expect to see health clearances from Auburn University for thrombopathia, the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) clarifying your Border Collies eyes are normal. Health clearances can be verified on the OFA website (

Hip Dysplasia:

This is a genetic disorder in which the thighbone does not fit snugly into the hip joint, resulting in pain and discomfort.

One or both hind legs can cause pain and lameness in some dogs, whereas the other does not. Radiographic screening provides the most accurate diagnosis of the condition.)

As the dog ages, arthritis can occur in any case. To avoid buying a hip dysplasia-prone puppy, ask the breeder to provide documentation that both parents have been tested for hip dysplasia.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA):

Retinopathy is a group of eye illnesses that affect the retina. As the condition develops, affected dogs become night-blind. While some affected dogs may struggle with their restricted or lost vision, most perform well in the same environment.


Often, but not always, this is an inherited neurological disorder that affects one’s motor skills.

There are mild and severe forms of epilepsy, and the symptoms can include odd behavior (like running furiously, staggering, or hiding) and even falling down with rigid limbs and being unconscious.

Idiopathic epilepsy in dogs can be frightening to witness, but the long-term prognosis is often extremely favorable for dogs who suffer from seizures.

Take your dog to the doctor for a proper diagnosis (particularly since seizures can have other causes) and treatment as soon as possible if you suspect that your dog has seizures.

Collie Eye Anomaly:

Changes and abnormalities in the eye occur as a result of this genetic disorder, which can sometimes result in blindness. This includes choroidal hypoplasia, coloboma, staphyloma, and retinal detachment, to name a few of the most common.

Two-year-old Collie dogs are most likely to have an eye abnormality. Unfortunately, currently, there is no drug or treatment for this illness.


Three forms of allergies affect dogs: food, contact, and inhalant. Food allergies are treated by removing particular foods from the dog’s diet.

Contact allergies are caused by a reaction to a topical item such as bedding, flea treatments, dog shampoos, and other chemicals.

A variety of treatments are available depending on the cause, including food restrictions, drugs, and environmental adjustments.

Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD):

Most commonly found in the elbows, but it has also been seen in the shoulders. If left untreated it might result in a painful and immobile elbow.

When dogs are four to nine months old, they can be diagnosed with the disease. When puppies are given much “growth formula” food or feed that has high-protein diets, this condition might occur.

Care For Border Collie

In spite of his adaptability, the Border Collie thrives in an environment where he has some elbow room, such as in a city home with an adequately fenced yard, or in the country.

In order to protect him from his less-than-smart tendency to chase automobiles, he must be herded and chased.

No matter where he lives, he needs daily mental and physical stimulation, and he needs an owner who is ready and able to supply it. If you don’t know what you’re signing up for, it’s going to be a huge load for you.

Check to see if you can give a Border Collie a good outlet for his energy and brilliant mind if you’re thinking about getting one. In the absence of a sheep farm, dog sports are a viable alternative.

Feeding Habit For Border Collie

Two meals a day of high-quality dry food at a rate of 1.5 to 2 cups each

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NOTE: The amount of food your adult dog eats varies on its size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level, as well as other factors.

There is no one-size-fits-all dog food. As you may expect, an active dog will demand more attention than a sedentary one does.

Also, the feed you give your dog must be quality and this is very crucial. The more nutritious the dog food, the less you’ll have to shake it into your dog’s bowl.

If you want to learn more about feeding your Border Collie, check out our articles on buying the proper food and feeding your puppy.

Coloring And Grooming Your Coat

Two coat types are available in the Border Collie breed: rough and smooth. Double-coated, both breeds have a rougher outer coat and silky, soft underfur.

Feathering is found on the legs as well as the chest and belly of the rough species. The smooth variant is short all over, has a coarser texture than the rough variety, and has minimal feathering.

I prefer black with white markings on the face and neck, as well as foot and tail tips. Tan or no tan is acceptable. To be clear, he can be any color except white: bicolor, tricolor, merle, and solid.

When it comes to grooming and maintaining his appearance, the diligent Border Collie is not fussy. It is necessary to brush his weather-resistant double coat on a weekly basis in order to preserve the coat oils well distributed and to prevent matting in the rough type.

In the shedding season, brushing more frequently is a good suggestion to reduce hair shed around the house (he sheds seasonally). No more than once every four months or when he really needs to be cleaned up or smelled bad.

As often as twice or three times per week, brush your Border Collie’s teeth to remove tartar buildup, which harbors a wide variety of bacteria. If you want to prevent gum disease and bad breath, brushing twice a day is even better.

Depending on his needs, trim his nails once a month if necessary, and check his ears once a week for dirt, redness, or an odor that could suggest an infection.

Then, wipe them out with a cotton ball moistened with a pH-balanced ear cleaner on a weekly basis to avoid complications.

Examine the skin, nose, mouth, eyes, and feet for sores, rashes, or other signs of infection such as redness, tenderness, or inflammation.

No redness or discharge should be present in the eyes. Your weekly checkups can help you identify potential health issues early on in the process.

Pets And Children

While the Border Collie can make an excellent family pet, it is important that he is raised appropriately and is properly trained from an early age.

Children and other pets get along well with him. However, his herding instincts will urge him to nip and chase children (especially very young children) and animals if they aren’t properly directed.

With any dog, you should teach youngsters how to approach and handle the animal, and supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear and tail pulling on either party’s side (or both).

As a parent, you should teach your child not to approach a dog that is eating or sleeping, or not to try to steal the dog’s food. Never leave a dog unaccompanied with a child, no matter how friendly it may appear to be at first glance.

FAQ Section

Following are the most common queries from dogs breeder across the globe;

Do Border Collie Have Personality?

Border Collies are smart and genius dog breeds with personality features including alertness, energy, hard work, and smartness.

Collies are fast learner learns and they love to get busy. They easily become bored when there is no task or job to do.

Best Foods For Border Collie

Border Collies are active and energetic dogs, as such, they need to replenish the strength that was used for previous tasks or exercises.

Some of the best foods for Border Collies include Purina pro plan sport 26/16, Purina dog chow, Purina one smart blend, and baneful originals.

Are Border Collies Aggressive?

Border Collies are non-aggressive dog breeds and it is not in their nature to be. Despite being a herding dog, it can never go out of order to hurt or harm anyone or another animal.

Do Border Collies Bark A Lot?

Border Collie is active, loud, and vociferous meaning they bark a lot. They tend to bark at strangers or anything that moves.

How Much Exercise Does A Border Collie Need?

Border Collie has been an energetic and active dog that requires lots of exercises. It is important to note this and in fact, it requires a minimum exercise of 2 hours daily exercise. However, it is best to spread the exercise session and not done in a stretch.

Are Border Collies High Maintenance?

Of a truth, maintain Border Collie is high and demanding so, you must be ready to spend and meet the demands of these high-profiled dogs before you opt to get it.

Are Border Collies Hard To Potty Train?

Potty training Border Collie is not as tedious as you envisage. They are smart and brilliant dogs that learn really fast and adapt to home training and command. However, it is better to introduce potty training when they are at the puppy stage.

Do Border Collies Like To Cuddle?

Yes! It is typical of every dog including Broder Collie to cuddle and get attached to their owners. They are affectionate and gentle and love to get the attention of their owner.

Will Border Collies Protect Their Owners?

Originally bred as herd dogs, Broder Collie can also serve as a guard dog because they are highly protective of their owners and territory.

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Broder Collie is an ideal dog breed to get either as a family pet or herder dog or for whatever reason, they can easily adapt to your preference especially if they are well trained.

Having seen the facts and other information about this dog breed, I hope you have learned all that you can about Broder Collie in this article.

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