Is It Safe To Feed Rabbits With Kiwi? [Vet Guide]

Do you ask yourself can rabbits eat kiwi? Yes, you can feed your rabbits with kiwi fruits but preferably the skin (peels) are more beneficial to your rabbits. As a Dietitian recommendation, feeding your rabbits fruits as a treat is a great option of improving your bunny’s diets as well helping the little pets gain varieties of nutrients from different fruits and different meat at a time.

We recommend feeding timothy hay solely as rabbit’s food, but giving fruit to your pets isn’t a bad option.

Let us get to see why you need feed your rabbits with kiwi and all you need to know.

Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi?

Rabbits require a lot of fiber, and kiwis have a lot of it. As a result, the sugar content is more evenly distributed, making them a suitable reward for occasional distribution.

Antioxidants in kiwis may also benefit humans by lowering blood pressure, and this benefit could be extended to rabbits as well.

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Kiwis are popular because of their high vitamin C content, but since rabbits already manufacture this vitamin, they may not gain much from eating them. Kiwis are nutritious, but they don’t offer a lot of unique advantages that other meals don’t have.

Do Kiwis Pose A Threat To Bunnies?

Large quantities of kiwi can be harmful to rabbits. Because of the high sugar content, a kiwi can be harmful to a rabbit’s digestive system. Due to a lack of evolutionary adaptation, rabbits have difficulty digesting high-sugar diets.

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Your rabbit may suffer from diarrhea and stomach discomfort if it consumes too much kiwi. Kiwi can also cause GI stasis, which is a condition in which the digestive tract becomes stuck.

When the digestive tract is unable to process food effectively due to a lack of fiber, this is known as dysmotility. You must be careful not to give your rabbit too much kiwi at any time because this can result in trapped gas, pain, and in severe cases, death.

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When Giving A Rabbit Kiwi, What Should You Be On The Lookout For?

You should only feed your rabbit a tiny amount of kiwi at first if you plan to continue doing so.

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To find out if your rabbit enjoys kiwi and if its system agrees with it, try half a teaspoon of kiwi.

Test your rabbit’s reaction to kiwi by giving it a bite without any other new meals. Kiwi can be added to your rabbit’s diet if it likes it and there are no problems in the near future.

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Avoid giving your rabbit any more kiwi if it has diarrhea or appears tired and uninterested in its meals. A trip to the clinic is necessary if your rabbit suddenly stops excreting, however it is doubtful that a tiny amount of kiwi can cause such an extreme problem.

Avoid offering kiwi fruits if they don’t seem to agree with your rabbit. Rabbits can also eat berries, bananas, and apples, among many others.

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Should I Give My Rabbits Kiwi To Eat?

Your rabbit can eat kiwi, but there are certain restrictions. Rabbits may tolerate tiny amounts of kiwi in their diet. The only time you can serve him is as a special treat. No matter if it is a hardy or “normal” fuzzy kiwi, it is completely safe. That’s why Kiwi won’t cause any damage to the organs in the process.

Why Is Kiwi Unsafe For Rabbits?

The issue is with the rabbit’s delicate digestive system. Kiwi is an excellent choice for a rabbit treat because it’s low in sugar and high in fiber.

As long as you don’t exceed 1 tsp of fruit for 2 lbs of body weight every day, he’ll be fine with his digestive system. Give your bun kiwi a special treat once a week as a good habit.

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Try a modest amount, like a taste or so, to check if they like it. Try it out and see whether he enjoys it. Have him try it and see how he feels. On another “special occasion,” if he’s fine, you can give him another feeding. Do not overdo it with the kiwi, though.

When Should I Not Give My Rabbits Kiwi?

If your rabbit is prone to tummy troubles, stay away from kiwi and other fruits. You’re doing nothing but harm to your bunny. Even if fruits are good for you, rabbits don’t profit much from them. As long as they’re eating it in moderation, it’s just a fun thing to do rather than a necessity.

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Benefits Of Feeding Rabbits With Kiwi

In order to reap the benefits, rabbits should eat a larger amount of kiwi fruit. You have no choice but to limit his kiwi portion to a treat because it is high in sugar and starch and can induce diarrhea, constipation, or issues with the movement of the intestines. Don’t overdo the nutrition.

The importance of vitamins A, E, B6, potassium, vitamin K, and copper for our bodies is well-known. All of these vitamins can be found in Kiwi.

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The antioxidant content of kiwis is undeniable, but to your rabbit, that doesn’t matter much. Hay and a few leafy green vegetables are sufficient for his nutritional requirements.

By eating high-fiber, low-sugar plants, rabbits will be able to meet their nutritional requirements. Humans rely on fruits for their well-being. When fruit portions are higher than they should be, bacteria in the gut that feed on sugar will multiply.

What Are The Dangers Of Allowing Your Rabbit To Eat Fruits?

This could reduce his life expectancy.

Rabbits may experience liquid stools or an inability to form healthy cecotropes when their digestive systems are overworked.

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An overabundance of goodies, even when your rabbit’s digestive system is in good working order, might lead to additional health issues. Obesity, heart disease, foot discomfort, fatty liver disease, arthritis, and respiratory problems are all examples of health issues that can be linked to obesity.

The fatty liver disease is caused by the accumulation of fat in cells.

Dietary sugar and carbohydrate overconsumption, but not necessarily fat, is the primary cause of obesity in general. Treats can also be root vegetables. When it comes to dog treats, don’t believe that only fruit juices or dried fruits you see in pet stores (which we don’t advocate) are the only options available.

It’s perfectly OK for some pet owners to avoid even tiny amounts of fruits. Rabbits in the wild can only eat berries and other natural fruits in moderation and only during specific times of year.

Replicating what a wild rabbit does and eats is a decent rule of thumb. Insulin resistance and gastric stasis in rabbits have a long-term effect on a rabbit’s health.

Is Kiwi Peel Safe For Rabbits To Eat?

Also, the kiwi peels are safe for your wonderful home rabbit to consume and will cause no harm to it. Similarly, banana peels are the same. Before giving them to your rabbit, make sure they’ve been well washed. Do not, however, feed them in greater amounts. Sugar is also found in them. Fiber content makes it superior to the original fruit.

A kiwi’s skin, rather than its flesh, is better for them. Even though fruits are a treat, they should be consumed in moderation because they are not a part of their daily diet. Running poop is a common symptom of overfeeding a child

Buns can eat kiwi seeds, too. That is not a concern of yours.

Veterinarians don’t say anything about kiwi vines being safe or unsafe for rabbits, as can be seen from the information provided. Even if there are many kiwi trees, shrubs and tangles to choose from, you should take full responsibility for your own safety if you try any of them out.

Is It Safe For Rabbits To Consume Dried Kiwi?

Always avoid feeding dried kiwi fruits to your pet. In addition to berries, several fruits are covered by this tenet. We don’t advocate feeding these things to rabbits, but some owners do. When it comes to dried fruit, your rabbit might or might not be able to eat it. As time goes on, even if he’s fine with it, he may grow overweight and suffer from various health issues. As a result, he will live a shorter life.

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Is Kiwi Safe For Baby Rabbits?

Fruits should never be eaten by rabbits under the age of two. Until they’re 12 weeks old, they won’t be allowed to eat any fresh food. For the first few months of his life, it’s best to introduce him to fruits and vegetables.

Is A Rabbit Able To Eat The Skins Of Kiwis?

Yes! In fact, the skins of kiwis are preferable to the flesh for your rabbit. The skins of kiwis contain more fiber and less sugar, so don’t be hesitant to give the rabbit a modest amount.

In spite of this, it’s still not a good idea to feed your rabbit a lot of kiwi peels because they can upset its stomach. Hay, which is high in fiber, should make up the majority of your rabbit’s diet. Too many kiwi peels may cause your rabbit to go without enough hay.

Before giving kiwi skins to the rabbit, make sure you wash them thoroughly to remove any potential contaminants. Organic kiwis, on the other hand, are guaranteed to be free of pesticide residue on the fruit’s skin.

Kiwi Seeds – Is It Safe For A Rabbit To Eat Them?

It is not necessary to remove the kiwi seeds before feeding the fruit to your rabbit. Do not be concerned about the little seeds; they should cause no harm to your rabbit. Before giving your rabbit kiwi fruit, don’t bother trying to get rid of the worms.

Is Dried Kiwi Safe For Rabbits To Eat?

You should avoid feeding your rabbit dried fruits in general, including kiwi. Because dried fruit has a lower water content, it tends to have more sugar in it, which is not good for your rabbit.

Feeding rabbits dried fruit is an option for some individuals, but this should be avoided at all costs. Reduce the amount of dried kiwi you give your rabbit to ensure that it does not consume more sugar than it can process. Also, be sure to supply lots of clean, fresh water for the animals.

Can Rabbits Eat Golden Kiwi?

Yes! Rabbits may tolerate tiny amounts of kiwi in their diet. The only time you can serve him is as a special treat. No matter if it is a hardy or “normal” fuzzy kiwi, it is completely safe. Furthermore, kiwi does not cause renal or liver failure because of this.


Finally, rabbits can have a piece of kiwi from time to time. The type of fruit your rabbit eats and whether or not you are giving him fruits is entirely up to you and your rabbit’s tastes.

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