Guide On Raising Belgian Malinois Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Belgian Malinois Puppies is a medium-to-large breed dog, classified as lone of the Belgian Shepherd, well balanced, square dog, strong, agile, well-muscled, alert, and playful. The dog is sometimes taken for German Shepherd because of their similar features. If you are interested to raise this dog from the puppy stage, we have provided you with a Guide on Raising Belgian Malinois Puppies Successfully.

Guide On Raising Belgian Malinois Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

  • Origin: Belgium
  • Temperament: Active, Alert, Confident, Friendly, Hardworking, Stubborn, Protective, Watchful
  • Colors: Tan, Mahogany, Black-tipped Fawn
  • Height: Male: 61–66 cm, Female: 56–61 cm
  • Weight: Male: 29–34 kg, Female: 25–30 kg
  • Life Span: 12 – 14 years

Raising a Belgian Malinois puppy can be tasking but not impossible and there are tips that you ought to know. That is why we have taken to the task to provide you with a Guide on Raising Belgian Malinois Puppies Successfully. Read the preview below.

  1. Provide them with a comfortable environment
  2. Begin training at an early stage
  3. Discourage bad behavior
  4. Command training
  5. Potty training
  6. Socialize at a young stage
  7. Leash train your Belgian Malinois
  8. Ensure you enroll your Malinois in Obedience Class
  9. Exercise your Belgian Malinois daily
  10. Groom them regularly

Training Of Belgian Malinois Puppy Video

 How To Train Belgian Malinois

#1. Provide Them With A Comfortable Environment

Belgian Malinois like most animals enjoys living in a comfortable environment where they are appreciated, accepted, and loved. They easily bond with a family where they are loved and become loyal.

Make sure you inform your family members about the dog you are bringing home so that you all are on the same page. Therefore, ensure you provide a comfortable and befitting environment for your Belgian Malinois before you bring it home.

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#2. Begin Training At Early Stage

One of the best methods to make your Belgian Malinois behave appropriately is to begin training at an early stage. The reason has been that your puppy Belgian Malinois is capable of learning how to follow commands and learn tricks at a very early stage. In fact, this will help them avoid learning bad habits and curb them on time.

#3. Discourage Bad Behaviour

As you raise your Belgian Malinois puppy, make sure you try as much as possible to eliminate destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture and destroying their beds to alleviate their boredom. You can caution them immediately you observe any unwanted behavior and it should be done warmly and gently, not harshly or strong tone.

#4. Command Training

As you know, Belgian Malinois is an intelligent and smart dog breed which makes training them a simplified task. One of the ways to raise and train your Belgian Malinois puppy is command training. You can begin by teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Once your puppy has become familiar with these commands, you can advance to other commands.

Make sure you repeat the command consistently until your dog becomes familiar with it.

#5. Potty Training

It will be bad for your puppy to relieve itself in any corner of your house that you will not be comfortable with. That is why potty training is yet another important training you need to teach your dog while raising it. potty training simply means teaching your dog the appropriate place to relieve itself.

You can take your puppy out to the particular spot where it can relieve itself and do this consistently until it recognizes the spot as a place to relieve itself.

#6. Socialize At Young Stage

If your essence of getting a Belgian Malinois is for companionship, then you need to socialize your dog at an early stage. It is important that you teach your Belgian Malinois appropriately how to greet and interact with other people and dogs.

This can be done by exposing your dog to new environments, experiences, people, and animals. Doing this will let allow your Belgian Malinois to learn that new people are not a threat.

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#7. Leash Train Your Belgian Malinois

There are a lot of things to consider when raising a Belgian Malinois to become the ideal companion dog you want it to be. As such, it is vehement that you train your Malinois using a leash. This will help to restrict the dog’s movement. More so, you can use the leash when going on a walk with the dog.

Doing this will help you control your dog and also let it know that you are in charge.

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#8. Ensure You Enroll Your Malinois In Obedience Class

You need to enroll your Malinois puppy in an obedience class. As you know that Belgian Malinois are a very intelligent breed and are able to learn new tasks and tricks easily. Enrolling them in an obedient class will also help improve their behavior and attitude.

#9. Exercise Your Belgian Malinois Daily

 Belgian Malinois are energetic and active dog breed with high energy needs which ought to be satisfied daily. That is why you need to find time to exercise your dog daily. At least 30 minutes of play and exercise daily is a good amount for a small puppy.

Walking your dog may not be enough and if you won’t have time to exercise your dog, make sure you have a big fenced compound where your dog can run around and play to satisfy his need.

#10. Groom Them Regularly

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget about grooming your puppy. The dog has a medium coat and tends to shed twice a year. More so, you need to bathe, trim its nails, brush its teeth, and brush your dog to keep it clean and avoid its coat from matting or becoming dirty.

Black Belgian Malinois Puppy

Belgian Malinois comes in three different colours but the rarest is the black Belgian Malinois Puppy. Belgian Malinois puppies also have black colouration however, it is very rare.

Belgian Malinois Puppy Price

Belgian Malinois is had overtime excel as an excellent family dog loved by many dog owners. In fact, there is high demand for this dog breed that is likely to soon overwhelm the German Shepherd which is considered its look alike.

So, if you are interested to get a Belgian Malinois, you should budget around $3,500 to a little over $9,000 for a Belgian Malinois with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. Nonetheless, the average cost of a Belgian Malinois is $1,200.

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Belgian Malinois Puppy for Sale

Belgian Malinois is an incredible dog breed to have around. They are caring and friendly, they bond easily with their human owners and other dogs. As such, many people are interested to own this dog breed. Belgian Malinois can be bought from an experience and legal breeder. You can also get a Bengal cat from an animal shelter.

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds are look-alikes in different ways that if not closely looked at you might not know the difference.

German Shepherds tend to grow up to 24 inches tall while Belgian Malinois on the other hand is just a couple of is inches smaller. However, the striking difference between both dogs is their size weight as the German Shepherd is often heavier.

Again, German Shepherds are less aggressive than the Belgian Malinois. Also, the Malinois is much smaller than the German shepherds can be but more aggressive. In the same vein, the Belgian Malinois is much faster than German Shepherds and has more energy as well.

Belgian Malinois Colors

Belgian Malinois is a well-built medium-to-large dog that is also beautiful. It comes mainly in three glittering coat colours which are tan, black-ripped fawn, and mahogany.

Belgian Malinois Temperament

Belgian Malinois is bred originally as a herding dog used on the farm to chase cattle and sheep. The temperament of Belgian Malinois is friendliness, activeness, confidence, stubbornness, watchfulness, protective, alertness, and being active.

Belgian Malinois Size

The Belgian Malinois is a keen and quick dog that possesses various qualities. Belgian Malinois height is considered to be 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder. This implies that the Belgian Malinois is not a small dog.


The above discussed tips are vital Guides on Raising Belgian Malinois Puppies Successfully. You will be able to raise and train your dog successfully and mold it to be the excellent house pet you want it to be. Ensure you read through and adhere to the guides listed out to achieve an optimal result. 

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