Guide On Raising Border Collie Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Border Collies Puppy- Border Collies were bred in the borderland of Scotland and England as herding dog, but in recent times, they have become an excellent pet dog. Pet owners often adopt this dog breed from puppy stage however, training them to be a pet is can be difficult that is why we have written this Guide on Raising Border Collie Puppies successfully. Ensure you read through this Border Collies Puppy Guide to learn all you can.

Guide On Raising Border Collie Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Training an average Border Collie that is originally a herding dog to become a pet dog can sometimes prove difficult. However, if you begin an early training you can succeed. Below is a highlight of Border Collie Puppy Guide that will help you.

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#1. Routine Schedule

Border Collies are active breeds that love to be engage in several activities so that they can remain in a constant physical and mental stability. It is important that you create a schedule for them and your Broder Collie on its own part will stick to the routine schedule, looking forward to doing a task every day. This is one method you should introduce when training your Border Collie puppy.

#2. Socialize Early

Socializing your Border Collie at a puppy stage is another vital step in this Guide on Raising Border Collie Puppies successfully. You need to quickly integrate your Broder Collie into the society by taking it out to variety of places where it can socialize with other people and animal.

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It is important that you socialize your Border Collie at an early stage or else you will find it challenging to handle your dog when he comes in contact with other people and pets.

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#3. Show them who is Boss

Border Collie are energetic and active dogs and they are also one of the large dog breeds too. They can be intimidating making it difficult to control them. That is why you need to by all means emphasize control. One of the ways to do so is through basic obedience training which must begin at an early stage.

Getting your BC pup to cooperate with you can be tasking as they tend to lose focus and do their will, you need to make sure you are in charge at all cost so that they can learn to obey command.

#4. They Require Frequent Exercise

Border Collies were bred to work on the ranch as herding dogs which accounts for their strength and stamina. That is why in this Guide on Raising Border Collie Puppies successfully we also advise that you exercise your dog frequently.

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Exercise is necessary for Border Collie so as to channel their high energy towards a positive task, so that they won’t become destructive and mentally unstable.

#5. Training your BC is Essential

Training is another important tip in this Border Collie Puppy Guide that you ought to adhere to. Teaching your Border Collies are essential and ought to be started from the puppy stage so that it become part of them in the long run.

There are several approaches to train your puppy such as trick training which involves you playing the role while your puppy mimic you, potty training which entails you teaching your puppy potty time and the particular spot, crate training is about teaching your puppy where to sleep and relax, and simple command training involves teaching your puppy to perform task with simple commands such as sit, stand, go, stop, etc.

#6. Grooming is a Necessity

Border Collie is a hairy dog considered to be a double coat breed which means shedding occurs regularly. That is why you need to groom your dog by brushing its coat at least thrice a week so as to prevent matting, excessive shedding, and also removing dirt.

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Also, consider trimming your dog’s nails occasionally to prevent it from causing serious harm or injury to people and other pets.

#7. Feed Your BC Well

Border Collie is an active and energetic dog that requires daily exercise or perform a job. As such, they need higher calorie foods to help them keep up with their energy level.

However, the feeding requirements of your Border Collie differs depending greatly on your dog’s weight, energy level, and age. It is preferable to meet with a professional for more instruction.

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#8. Make Use of Reward During Training

Training your Border Collie is important to help it maintain a stable mental behavior, however you need to reward your puppy as a means of motivation and appreciation. That is why in this Guide on Raising Border Collie Puppies Successfully, we advise that you make use of reward during training your puppy.

Encouraging your puppy using adulation, acknowledging and rewarding good behavior, either with the use of treats or praise.

#9. Limit Herding Instinct

Border Collies are bred originally as herding dogs which is their natural instinct however, you need to tone down their herding instinct since you didn’t adopt him for that reason. That is why including this tip in this Border Collie Puppy Guide is important, all you need do is quickly stop them whenever they show such trait.

#10. Deal with Undesirable Behaviors

Last on our list in this Guide on Raising Border Collie Puppies Successfully is to deal with undesirable behaviours especially aggressiveness. They are friendly, affectionate and playful; it is not in their nature to be aggressive but they sometimes do.

However, their aggressiveness depends on how you treat them so ensure you treat them well.

How Do You Discipline a Border Collie Puppy?

There are several ways to discipline your Border Collie Puppy, it could be positive discipline when they perform well and you can reprimand them when they exhibit undesirable behaviour.

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Are Border Collie Puppies Easy to Train?

Border Collies are active and energetic right from puppy stage. Training your BC pup can be challenging but with consistency you will get the best result and get them to behave the way you want them to.

At What Age Should I Start Training My Border Collie Puppy?

Border Collies are quick learners and easy going, however you need to wait for them to get to 7 to 8 months old before you can commence training.

How Do You Prepare a Border Collie Puppy?

Once you adopt your Border Collie Puppy, you need to begin preparing your dog breed and there are several things you need to consider including getting a collar and lead, water bowls, a bed and a kennel.

Are Border Collies Good Off Leash?

Border Collies breeds are one of the dog breeds that are best off-leash and that is if you put in an extra effort to build a solid recall and take time with it.

Do Border Collies Like to Cuddle?

Border Collies are affectionate dog breeds and as such they like to cuddle and become attached to their owner or family member.

Is a Border Collie a Good House Dog?

Border Collie are originally herding dogs and as such you need to put an extra effort to train them to be the perfect pet you want them to be. Overall, Border Collies are friendly and get along well with kids making them a perfect family pet.

Do Border Collies Bark a Lot?

Border Collie been a herding dog breed is active and energetic and as such tend to bark a lot. They tend to bark at anything that moves quickly, including strangers.

Are Border Collies Hard to Train?

Border collies are incredibly smart dog breeds and they learn quickly yet, they can be difficult to train because of this trait. In fact, Border Collies tend to use their intelligence to coax their owner into doing what they want.

Conclusion on Guide on Raising Border Collie Puppies successfully

Border Collie are fascinating dogs to have around been one of the best family pet there is. I believe that from this Border Collie Puppy Guide you must have learnt all that you need to know on how to train this intelligent and smart dog breed.

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