Guide On Raising Chihuahua Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Chihuahua Puppies is the smallest sized dog breed in the world and bred as companion dog. This toy dog has the longest life span among all dog breeds. However, people like to own this dog from puppy stage and train it to adulthood which can be challenging. That is why in order to help you, we have provided this Guide on Raising Chihuahua Puppies successfully.

Guide On Raising Chihuahua Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Training a Chihuahua puppy is an awesome experience however, there is a lot of work to be done to raise these Chihuahua puppies which most owners often do not realize. Quickly glance through the list of Chihuahua Puppy Training activities below for a quick insight on what to do.

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#1. Create its Own Space

If you are wondering on How to Raise a Chihuahua Puppy, foremost it is important that you provide them their own space. It is important that you create your puppy with a safe and confined area where it can roam, play and rest.

The area should be designed with hardwood, laminate, tile or linoleum floors so that you can easily clean them. You can also use a crate which is very effective as well.

#2. Be the Leader of the Pack

Chihuahua might look small but they are full of strength and active, likewise they are domineering and that is why in this Chihuahua Puppy Training, you need to show your puppy that you are the leader and make it follow your lead.

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Ensure you make it wait for your permission before doing anything such as eat, potty, and any other activity.

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#3. Correct Unwanted Behaviors

Taking us further in this Chihuahua Puppy Training is the need to quickly correct unwanted behaviors so that it won’t get used to it. It is a norm for Chihuahua to exhibit behaviors such as biting, growling or any other dominant, aggressive actions from puppy stage, you should never allow it and quickly correct them instantly.

#4. Grooming your Chihuahua

As we continue to unveil How to Raise a Chihuahua Puppy, you need to make time out to groom your Chihuahua puppy, that is if your Chihuahua is the long-haired breed. Make sure you brush the fur several times a week, and trim toenails to avoid them causing injury or destroy your cushions.

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#5. Exercise your Chihuahua

Chihuahua are active and energetic dog, that is why in this Chihuahua Puppy Training we recommend that you make out time to exercise your Chihuahua from puppy stage. This will help to improve your puppy’s mental stimulation. You can play games with your puppy such as fetch or walk your dog around and so on.

Remember, when they don’t get enough exercise, they tend to look for adventure on their own and they can be destructive if they do.

#6. Train your Chihuahua

One of the reasons of adopting or picking a Chihuahua puppy is to train it as a companion or family pet and that is why in this Chihuahua Puppy Training, we recommend that you train your Chihuahua puppy very early so it get used to it before adulthood.

Potty training, household training, simple short command training (i.e. sit, stay, come, heel, roll over), and trick training should be inculcated to train your this you dog puppy. More so, you can enroll them in obedience class so that they can always obey your commands without putting their own will ahead.

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#7. Make them Sociable

Chihuahua tend to be aggressive from puppy stage and that is why in this Guide on Raising Chihuahua Puppies successfully, we advise that you socialize your Chihuahua puppy to get familiar with its environment, people and pets.

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They can get aggressive at unfamiliar faces and jealous of other pets and larger dogs, that is why you need to show them from small that people and other pets are friendly and not enemies. You can take them out to variety of places so they can mingle and play with other people and pets from their puppy stage.

#8. Regular visit to the Veterinarian

Visiting the Veterinarian is an important tip on How to Raise a Chihuahua Puppy because you wouldn’t want your Chihuahua puppy to fall sick concurrently. Call and schedule a visiting date with your vet doctor and continue stick to the routine afterwards to help keep your toy dog in proper health and identify any health risk instantly.

#9. Buy them Toys

It is important that you get your Chihuahua puppies their own toys which is part of this guide on How to Raise a Chihuahua Puppy. You don’t want to come home and see your furniture and clothes chewed on, that is why you need to buy a few small chew toys for your Chihuahua puppy especially during the teething stage where they will have the desire to chew.

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#10. Get them Clothing

Getting your Chihuahua clothing is a must which also is an important tip on How to Raise a Chihuahua Puppy. During cold climates, your Chihuahua needs to be kept warm. You also need to get them a blanket.

Are Chihuahua Puppies Hard to Train?

So many persons often undermine a Chihuahua because of its size but at the long run, they learn that it is a tough dog than it looks. Consistency however is the key to training a Chihuahua. Truth is, Chihuahua puppies are trainable depending on your method and approach.

What do I Need for a New Chihuahua Puppy?

You need to prepare for your Chihuahua puppy just like you would prepare for a human baby. You need to get its own food, wears, blankets, crate to sleep and relax, and also constant visit to the veterinary for health checkup.

How much should I pay for a Chihuahua Puppy?

The price of a Chihuahua puppy depends on where or whom you are buying from. However, on the average a Chihuahua puppy price should be within the range of $800 to $1,500.

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Can I train my Chihuahua to use a litter box?

Training a Chihuahua using a litter box might work out considering the size of the dog and it wouldn’t grow too large later.

Should Chihuahuas sleep with you?

There has been a lot of talking about allowing Chihuahuas to sleep with you on the bed. Nonetheless, even though most people practice, there tend to be health complications which is a major concern especially the transference of disease from the dog to you or vice versa which however is a rare occurrence.

Why do Chihuahuas Cry so Much?

There are many reasons why Chihuahuas cry so much. It could be that they are uncomfortable so they tend to whine, or vocalizing his anxieties before the aggressions follows with barking or growling. Also, if it is feeling lost and alone or fearful of others in or around your home, it can bark.

How do You Potty Train a Chihuahua Puppy?

Potty training your Chihuahua should begin from the puppy stage. You need to schedule time for them to pee and always command them to the spot where they can pee so they could recognize the particular spot to do so at a long run.

How many years do Chihuahuas live?

Chihuahua dog breed has the longest life span among all available dog breeds. They can live up to 18 to 20 years which is higher than most large dogs that live for 15 years maximum.

Is Chihuahua Easy to Train?

Chihuahuas are domineering and smart dogs and tend to give you a hard time training them. However, if you make use of the right approach and praise them for every little try and success, you probably will find training them easy.

Do Chihuahuas Have a Favorite Person?

Chihuahua are bred to be companion dogs meaning they can become affectionate and attached to one person, principally their owner

Conclusion on Guide on Raising Chihuahua Puppies successfully

We believe that you have learnt in this Guide on Raising Chihuahua Puppies successfully all that you need to know about training your Chihuahua puppy without any glitch or hitches. Make sure you adhere to every tips outlined and discussed for optimal result.

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