Guide On Raising Pomeranian Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Pomeranian Puppies are small-sized Spitz dog breed types that descended specifically from the German Spitz. Pomeranians have a big personality for a small-sized toy dog and it is friendly, playful, and loyal. However, raising a Pomeranian requires a lot of care, time, and patience. So, if you are deliberating on How to take Care of Pomeranian Puppies, read through this Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully.

Guide On Raising Pomeranian Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Raising a Pomeranian puppy is tasking, even though they are easy to train. If you know nothing about Poms and you want to get one, below are 10 tips we have provided for you in this Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully.

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#1. Be Firm and Consistent in Training your Pom

You should know that Pomeranians have independent personalities and they tend to act and take on bigger actions than their sizes. It is important that right from the puppy stage you commence training them and you are consistent about it.

When training your Pomeranian puppy, you need to go about it gently, firmly, and consistently so it knows you are in charge.

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#2. Play and Exercise with your Pomeranian

Another tip to consider in this Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully is play and exercise. Pomeranians are active and energetic dogs, so they need to be occasionally exercised to maintain healthy mental behavior. Also, they love to play.

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Exercising your Pomeranian puppy for 30 to 40 minutes each day will suffice. You can take your Pomeranian puppy out for a walk or play with them; you can buy them toys that they can play with on their own.

#3. Grooming your Pomeranian

Pomeranians are hairy double-coat dogs and one of the ways How to take Care of Pomeranian Puppies is constant grooming. You need to occasionally brush and comb your Pomeranian, bathe, clean his eyes and ears, brush his teeth, and trim his nails as well.

#4. Feed your Pomeranian

One of the effective ways How to take Care of Pomeranian Puppies is appropriate feeding. Provide your Pomeranian puppy with high-quality healthy food to help it grow and develop without many health issues. Feed them properly and also give them sufficient water to aid digestion.

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#5. Crate training

Crate training your Pomeranian dog from the puppy stage is essential and an effective training method during house training. Crate training your Pomeranian will give you pom a sense of security and help keep it safe especially when you are away.

#6. Potty training

Taking us further in this Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully is potty training your puppy. It is important to potty train your pom from the puppy stage to avoid it relieving itself in every corner of your house.

You need to keep a close eye on your puppy whenever it is out of the crate and take it out frequently to the spot where it should pee.

#7. Command Training

An important way of training and raising your puppy Pomeranian is the use of command training. You can teach him to follow basic commands and perform simple actions such as sit, stand, stop, go, no, wait, etc.

More so, using command training allow you to teach your puppy to act properly in different situations.

#8. Stop Biting habit

Pomeranians were bred originally as hunting dogs so there is still let out their biting instinct. Pomeranian puppies are prone to bite during the teething stage, but you need to stop it, cautioning them before it is too late.

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So, in this Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully we recommend that you put your hand in their mouth and when they bite caution them firmly (don’t shout) so they recognised biting is an unwanted act, or you can ignore them or put them in a crate for a while as punishment and later on bring it out.

#9. Socialize your Pomeranian Puppy

One of the vital methods How to take Care of Pomeranian Puppies is to begin socializing it at the puppy stage so that they can mature into a well-natured dogs. It is important that you socialize your puppy Pomeranian so that they can be exposed to different people, animals, sights, and sounds.

#10. Reward and Treat your Pomeranian Puppy

The last tip we will recommend is to reward and give your puppy Pomeranian a treat is vital during the training process. It will help them to recognize and perform accordingly and as they are expected to. Don’t overindulge your puppy prom but give them the reward or treat when they earn it.

What Do You Need For A Pomeranian Puppy?

You need to prepare for your puppy Pomeranian just as you will a human baby. There are several things you need to buy and put in place before bringing your puppy home.

Pomeranian puppy food, bottled water, harness and leash, grooming supplies, pee pads, and housetraining accessories, water and food bowl suitable for Pomeranian puppies, and a comfortable dog bed are necessary things you need to get for your Pomeranian puppy.

Are Pomeranians Easy To Train?

Pomeranian dog breed is intelligent and smart, they can easily learn and master tricks and command. However, you need to be patient with them during training and also be firm but gentle so they can follow your lead.

What Can I Expect From A Pomeranian Puppy?

Getting a Pomeranian puppy and training it can be exciting. However, be prepared to work hard on them as this smart fluffy small-sized big personality dog will want to act independently. Also, expect it to bite during the teething stage but you can stop it through caution and training.

Do Pomeranians Like To Be Held?

Yes, they like to be held and cuddled; probably it has to do with their history of living in packs.

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Does Pomeranian Bark A Lot?

Pomeranian dogs are loud and vocal, making them excellent watchdogs. No wonder they are somewhat referred to as an alert dogs. They tend to back when they are suspicious of strangers, or strange sounds and bigger dogs.

Are Pomeranians Good First Dogs?

Yes, Pomeranians are good first dogs and it is just like having any other dog breed for the first time. What is most important is that you begin training your puppy Pomeranian at an early stage.

Why Do Pomeranians Pee Everywhere?

There are several reasons why Pomeranians’ puppy pees everywhere. It could be that you did not potty train your Pomeranian properly. Also, it could be that it is suffering from a medical condition.

Can Pomeranians Be Left Alone?

Pomeranian Dogs can be left home alone and they will be just fine. Nonetheless, you still have to make provision for a safe place where it can stay, play, and exercise, food and water available, and where it can go to poo.

What Makes Pomeranians Happy?

Pomeranians are active and energetic dogs and are achievers. Pomeranian tends to be happy when they were able to meet up with the expectations of their owners. Also, they become happy when they have mastered different skills.

How Do I Bond With My Pomeranian?

It is important that you and your dog bond and become each other’s companions. To bond with your Pomeranian dog, you have to establish yourself as the leader, teach your Pomeranian an agility exercise, train your Pomeranian and involve it in household chores, you can take your Pomeranian dog out and play with him constantly.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Pomeranian?

Pomeranian dog breed has an average longevity life span. They can live up to 12 to 16 years if properly cared for.

Conclusion on Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully

We have come to the conclusion of our discussion in this Guide on Raising Pomeranian Puppies successfully. With this guide, you can successfully raise and train your Pomeranian puppy even if you know little or nothing about this dog. All you need do is to read from beginning to the end to learn all that you need to know.

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