Guide On Raising Rottweiler Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

Rottweiler Puppies– The rottweiler is a working breed domestic medium-to-large size dog. Rottweiler was bred originally to herd livestock and pull meat carts to market for butchers. Recently, this dog is used for different works and is also a great family pet. If you are keen on Raising a Rottweiler puppy and you have little or no idea on how to go about it, this Guide on Raising Rottweiler Puppies Successfully is your best shot.

Guide On Raising Rottweiler Puppies Successfully [2022 Complete Guide]

It is unfortunate that this affectionate and loving dog breed is commonly understood because of its vicious look and agility. The truth is, Rottweiler is one of the best family pets there is.

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#1. Start Training Early, be Firm and Consistent

Early training preferably at the puppy stage is your best shot at successfully Raising a Rottweiler. You need to commence training as soon as you bring your Rott puppy home, and not a second more should be wasted.

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Also, you need to be consistent in training your Rottweiler puppy by sticking to the routine schedule that you have drafted out. Importantly, you need to be firm and be in charge, not forcefully or aggressively, but be nice and gentle.

#2. Exercise your Puppy Rottweiler

One of the Rottweiler Tips you should know is their agility, stamina, and strength which makes daily exercise one of Rottweiler Training Secrets. Exercising your Rot puppy a lot helps it maintain positive mental behavior and also meets its energy needs.

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Make sure you allow your Rott puppy enough play time and as it grows up, increase its play and exercise to more advanced ones. A 30-minute exercise twice a day will suffice, typically take your dog for a walk.

#3. Groom your Puppy Rottweiler

Another important tip on Raising a Rottweiler puppy is occasional grooming so as to keep your rottweiler healthy, clean, and minimize shedding. However, Rottweilers have short hair coats which makes grooming easy.

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You have to brush your dog at least once a week to keep its coat clean and neat. Also, check its paws to see if it needs trimming. Brushing its teeth is paramount as well.

#4. Feed your Puppy Rottweiler Healthy Diet

As ponder on Raising a Rottweiler, you shouldn’t forget about feeding it with a healthy diet.

Rottweilers need to feed properly with high-quality food so as to enhance their growth and development, and also keep it healthy. Healthy food for your Rottweiler should consist of meat, go especially food prepared for large breed puppies.

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#5. Crate Train your Puppy Rottweiler

Crate training is one of the important Rottweiler Training Secrets. As you embark on dog training your Rottweiler, you need to inculcate crate training so as to prevent accidents in the house.

As such, you should purchase crates designed for a large breed dog, and place your puppy’s blanket or bed inside the crate, along with its food and water plates.

Make sure you place your dog food in the crate so that it will get familiar with it, also it will help in securing your dog.

#6. Potty Train your Puppy Rottweiler

Another Rottweiler Training Secrets you should be familiar with is Potty Training. You shouldn’t skip potty training when housebreak training your puppy Rottweiler to prevent it from peeing or relieving itself in every corner of the house. It is best to create a specific time to take your puppy outside to the potty.

#7. Command Train your Puppy Rottweiler

As you consider training your puppy rottweiler, command training is among the few Rottweiler Training Secrets that you shouldn’t undermine. Begin command training from early at the puppy stage and make it simple and short. Commands such as sit, stop, stand, eat, no, come, etc. should be used and as the dog advance in age, difficult commands should be introduced.

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#8. Socialize your Puppy Rottweiler

Socialization is also among Rottweiler Training Secrets that are used to successfully raise and train a Rottweiler. Socializing your puppy Rottweiler will let it interact with real-life situations, other pets (especially dogs), and people.

So, ensure you take your Rottweiler for a walk, and along the way, it will be exposed to many people and get familiar with new places. You can also take it for car rides, and to animal parks, take it to friends’ places, invite your friends over, and let it mingle with other pet animals.

#9. Eliminate Undesired Behaviour

Rottweilers are bred originally as herding dogs and they tend to be dominant and exhibit their intrinsic herding habit. That is why as you continue to ponder on Raising a Rottweiler, you have to eliminate undesired herding behavior.

If you notice any unwanted behavior such as biting and aggressive behavior, including herding behaviors should be stopped with a firm caution immediately.

#10. Use Positive Reinforcement

Crate training, potty training, and command training will all be effective if positive reinforcement is used. You should try and reward your Rottweiler with treats and/or adulation to reinforce good behavior.

Are Rottweiler Puppies Easy to Train?

Rottweilers are intelligent breeds of dogs and can be easy to train. Rottweilers easily and quickly learn commands and they excel in most aspects of training, especially in guard dog training.

Is it Hard to Raise a Rottweiler?

Raising a Rottweiler is not difficult, that is if you begin training very early at the puppy stage. Follow the steps listed above and you are sure on your way to raising a well-nurtured Rottweiler dog breed.

How do you Discipline a Rottweiler Puppy?

The best way to discipline your Rottweiler puppy is to simply ignore the dog. Don’t ever go physical or abusive with your dog. More so, you need to be consistent with your discipline so that your Rottweiler understands why they are being disciplined so they understand what they did wrong.

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Do Rottweilers Bark a Lot?

Rottweilers are cute dogs and they make an excellent family pet. Interestingly, Rottweilers don’t bark a lot and you can rarely hear it bark at all. They are not vocal and loud compared to other dog breeds.

Is Rottweiler Good Family Dog?

Rottweiler is a friendly and affectionate dog and it’s loved by most pet lovers. They are good and easygoing with children. Also, they like to be in the company of their owner. Most importantly, they are loyal making them an excellent watchdog.

How Many Years do Rottweilers live?

Rottweilers live an average life as do other large dog breeds. The life span of a Rottweiler is between the range of 8 – 10 years.

Why do Rottweilers sit on You?

Talking about how Rottweilers show affection and love, it will sit on you rather than just sit beside you. Also, it could be that he is inviting you to play with him.

Do Rottweiler Puppies Bite a Lot?

Foremost, you should know that Rottweilers are energetic and loyal dog breeds. If your Rottweiler puppy tends to bite you when they are bored and want to play. Also, biting could be portrayed during the teething stage so, you need to teach your puppy early to stop biting.

Why Does my Rottweiler puppy Growl at Me?

Growling is not a common trait of Rottweilers from puppy to adult stage because they are not an aggressive dog breed. However, when your puppy Rottweiler growl at you, it is probably telling you, hey! I want to play and not scare you.

Can I get a Rottweiler as my first dog?

Rottweilers are perfect first dogs. It all bores down to how they are trained. If you are able to meet their high energy, mental stimulation, and firm training needs, then you are on your way to successfully raising your Rottweiler to be an excellent first dog.

Conclusion on Guide on Raising Rottweiler Puppies successfully

I believe that this Guide on Raising Rottweiler Puppies successfully has been helpful and beneficial to you have provided you with all that you need to know about rottweilers, especially how to successfully raise them.

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