Savannah Cat Breed Trait & 10 Facts You Should Know

Savannah Cat Breeds is a famous hybrid cat breed that is crossed between a serval and a domestic cat. The cat is loved by many cat owners because of its exotic appearance, characteristic tameness, and fondness of their owners.

As such, it has led to an increasing online query to line about this cat breed which has propelled us to provide you with all the information about Savannah Cat Breed that you need to know.

.Savannah Cat Breed Trait & 10 Facts You Should Know

Savannah Cats information
Savannah Cats information

Before we continue our discourse about Savannah cat Breed, below are some quick facts that you need to know about this exotic cat.

  • Country of Origin: United States of America.
  • Weight – 3.5 – 9.1kg (F1 and F2 Savannah Cats), 3 – 6.7kg (F3 and others).
  • Pure Breed: No.
  • Grooming Need: Low.
  • Coat size: Medium.
  • Lifespan: 17 – 20 years.

With that been said, below are the Top 10 Facts to Know about Savannah Cat Breed that will interest you.

  1. They are not Pure Breed.
  2. Savannah Cats are sporty.
  3. Savannah Cats are Energetic.
  4. They have Personalities similar to Dogs.
  5. Savannah Cats love water.
  6. Savannah Cats are Social.
  7. Savannah Cats have varying colors.
  8. Savannah Cats are playful.
  9. Savannah Cats are intelligent.
  10. They are taller than an average domestic cat.

 Characteristics Of A Savannah Cats.

Savannah Cat Breed temperance
Savannah Cat Breed temperance.

1. They are not Pure Breed

First and foremost, you need to know that Savannah cats are not pure breed cats rather they are a result of cross-breeding wild serval cats, medium-sized, large-eared wild African cats,s and domestic felines.

The first breed born in 1986 was named Savannah which eventually became the nomenclature of the cat breed to date.

#2. Savannah Cats are Sporty.

Savannah cats have been an active and energetic cat breed, they tend to become sporty. The cats paired slim and long fore and hind limbs make them excellent climbers and jumpers, an activity which they often love to do. More so, they can jump from 8 to 11 feet horizontally.

#3. Savannah Cats are Energetic.

If you wouldn’t have time to meet the energy level of this cat breed, my candid advice, don’t opt for it! Savannah cats are energetic, active, adventurous, and curious to learn new things.


They have hunting instinct been bred from wild serval cats and they have excess energy which needs to be satisfied on daily basis.

However, if the cat does not enjoy adequate daily exercise and stimulation, it can become restless and destructive.

#4. They have Personalities Similar to dogs.

Another spectacular detail about this interesting cat breed is their dog-like personality. Like a dog, Savannah cats are known to easily and quickly form a strong bond with their owner and often follow them around.

Also, they like to be around their owner and get along with family members and visitors. This trait makes it an excellent and lovable family pet to have around.

#5. Savannah Cats Love Water.

One of the interesting facts about the savannah cats is their fondness for water.

The cat loves to play with water, a habit that is unusual for most cats as such it makes bathing this cat breed a very easy task compared to its counterpart breeds.

As such, don’t be surprised when you see your Savannah cat swimming around, and splashing water all over.

#6. Savannah Cats are Social.

As we continue our discourse in unveiling necessary information about Savannah Cat Breed, we get to know that this cat is sociable.

Having a Savannah cat at home means that there is no dull moment as they are very social cat breeds. very loving and fun to live with.

They are playful and lovely and even relate well with their owners. They are not hostile and they easily make friends even with strangers and can get along with almost anybody that visit their owner’s home.

#7. Savannah Cats have Varying Colour.

Savannah cats come in Golden with black spots, black, brown, silver, smoked, marbled, pointed, blue, cinnamon, chocolate, and lilac are some of the colors that Savannah cats have.

However, the colors are not limited to those options as there are other colors. Overall, these cat breeds are beautiful and attractive which is one of the reasons why they are loved.

#8. Savannah Cats are Playful.

Yet another interesting fact about the savannah cat is their playful nature. Savannah cats are playfully been and energetic and active dogs.

They are always up for a snuggle or game of fetch among other forms of playful activities. They also enjoy going for a walk while on a leash as well.

#9. Savannah Cats are Intelligent.

You also need to know that Savannah cats are highly intelligent cat breed and are generally curious. This means that they are easy to train and also clicker trained like a dog, and taught tricks by command.

Savannah cats can easily learn commands and tricks such as retrieving objects, opening doors and cabinets, turning the faucet among others.

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#10. They are Taller than Average Domestic Cat.

Lastly, as we conclude our discussion, we also noted that Savannah cats have the tendency to grow tall and have on two different occasions be awarded by the Guinness World Records for the title of “Tallest Domestic Cat”.

Savannah Cat For Sale.

You can get a Savannah cat from a reputable breeder, however, there are limits and restrictions to the type of savannah cats that you can buy.

If you are interested to buy a Savannah cat, you need to find out the type that is legal to own in your country and the one that is not.

As such, F1 Savannah Cat with Litter size 1-3 will cost you around $16,000; F2 Savannah Cat with litter size 1-4 will cost around $6,000 – $10,000l; F3 Savannah Cat with litter size 4-6 will cost $2,000 – $3,000, and Purebred Savannah Cat with litter size 4-6 cost $1,000.

Savannah Cat Size.

The average size in height of a Savannah Cat is 13.0”-15.0” (33-38 cm) and body length of 20.0”-22.0” (51-56 cm). An average Savannah Cat weighs between 12-25 lb (5-11 kg).

Savannah Cat Lifespan.

Taking a look at how long the Savannah cat can live, it is with no doubt that the Savannah cat is expected to live between 17 – 20 years.

However, this depends on the nature of treatment the cat receives. As such, the average lifespan of a savannah cat is 15 years.

F4 Savannah Cat.

The F4 generation Savannah Cat is well-thought-out to be the first generation that can be a “studbook tradition” (SBT) cat, and it is also considered to be a purebred.

To simply put, F4 savannah cats are 4 generations away from the original wild cat (serval), also the cat has had 3 ‘Savannah Breed Group’ matings in the previous generations. F4 Savannah cats are big and can grow as tall as 10 – 16inches in height.

F2 Savannah Cat.

The F2 generation is two generations away from the original wild cat “Serval” that it was bred from. Meaning the F2 Savannah cat has a serval grandparent. F2 Savannah cat size measures 15 to 18 inches at the shoulder and is 20 to 22 inches long. Interestingly, F2 Savannah cats are legal in most countries.

F5 Savannah Cat.

F5 Savannah cats are the closest to domestic cats and are 11-12% Serval. The F5 generations still have the look of Savannahs however, their body shape resembles more of a domestic cat. In addition, they are shorter and stockier.

If you want to buy an F5 Savannah cat kitten, it ranges from about $1,000 to around $5,000 (for breeders).

F3 Savannah Cat.

The F3 Savannah cats are the third generation and they have a serval great grandparent and are at least 12.5% serval.

The cats have similar features to other savannah cats and are legal to own. The F3 Savannah cat is a good companion to have at home as there is no boring moment with them in your home.

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Here are commonly most asked questions in regards to Savannah Cats;

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous?

It is not believed that F1 Savannah cats are hazardous to humans. Due to their hunting inclinations, Savannah cats may represent a threat to smaller creatures in the home, such as mice, birds, and fish.

Why Are Savannah Cats Illegal?

Savannah cats, which are wild cat hybrids, maybe outlawed in some areas. This type of cat has wild blood running through it.

Thereare laws in place in several states that regulate the possession of exotic wild cat species. As a result, they can be viewed as potentially harmful.

Are Savannah Cats Friendly?

They’re friendly with their owners, but can be a touch standoffish with outsiders. Savannah cats are huge, athletic cats. Learn more about this exceptionally intelligent feline in this informative article.

Do Savannah Cats Use A Litter Box?

They are excellent jumpers and should have no issue utilizing a litter box with a very high side. Simplest DIY litter box: buy a storage bin and unscrew the lid.

What Does The F Mean In Cats Breeds?

TICA recognized the Savannah cat as a domestic breed before breeders adopted these alpha-numerical codes to classify their cats by generation. A cat’s filial generation is indicated by the letter “F”.

Do Savannah Cats Make Good House Cats?

What are the pros and cons of having Savannah cats as pets? For this reason, they aren’t usually suited for houses with fish, hamsters, or birds.

If she’s socialized as a kitten properly, though, she’ll make a wonderful friend for cats and dogs, children, and other humans in her home.

What Do I Feed My Savannah Cat?

Cat food for Savannah cats should contain the following first ingredients: fish, steak, veal, or chicken. A mixed meal consisting of wet and dry ingredients.

Most Savannah cat owners will choose a combination of wet and dry food for their cats. They top kibble with wet cat food.

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Conclusion On Savannah Cat Breed – Top 10 Facts To know

From our discourse, there is no doubt that Savannah cats are incredible and excellent pets to have around however, they demand lots of attention.

Having a savannah cat in your home means there won’t be a dull day in your home! Overall, you need to know that Savannah cats require more attention, more exercise, more rules, and a stricter diet than other domestic cats.

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